Spending nine days isolated in the dense, unpopulated wilderness of Maine,
seems a punishment for some. But for this crew, it was the greatest
trip ever. We canoed approximately 70 miles, down lakes and rivers,
through high winds and rough rapids. All of these obstacles were expected,
and welcomed with open arms by all of us. During this journey, we stopped
to relax often, with cliffjumping (jumping off high cliffs into water),
rumpbumping (traveling down rapids with only a lifejacket-no canoe),
the famous rope swing (just ask a member of the crew) and not to mention
fishing, though not quite enough to satisfy us.  Actually, canoeing
was mostly the relaxing part.  We all enjoyed the trip, and the crew
agrees that the food was surprisingly great, except for “Shepard’s Pile”.
You have to ask one of us about it,but just to explain a bit…it was green,
very green. There are hundreds more events and places to talk about,
such as Kadahdin and the Knife Edge trail.
If you want to hear about it, just ask one of us.
Steve Gerling - Sean Ketchum - Mike Schwarz - Luke Benson - Chris Brown - Paul Navratil Thanks to Paul Navratil for the pictures
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